ECKM 2017 07-Set - 08-Set

Mini Track on Knowledge Management as a Driver of Green Sustainability

Mini Track Chair: Prof. Florinda Matos, ICAA – Intellectual Capital Accreditation Association and DINÂMIA’CET – IUL, Centre for Socioeconomic and Territorial Studies, Portugal

In the face of pressing economic and environmental challenges, organizations and the governments need to undertake efforts to achieve sustainable development. Promoting knowledge management practices focused on green aspects, such as low-carbon innovation, natural capital preservation, more sustainable use of natural resources and efficient in the use of energy, organizations can promote sustainable development to encourage more sustainable sources of economic activity.

The objective of this mini track is to discuss the role of knowledge management in creating more ecological or green companies, cities, regions and countries. Also, we intend to discuss if the use of knowledge management indicators can facilitate the awareness of governments and economic players of the necessity to accelerate the greening processes of the global economy.

Suggested topics include but are not limited to:

  • Green Growth Strategies and Knowledge Management Practices
  • Knowledge Management, Competitiveness and
  • Green Knowledge Management and Eco-innovation
  • Green Governance and Knowledge Management
  • Difficulties of Implementation of Green Knowledge Management Policies
  • Knowledge Management Models for Greening Development