About Us

About ICAA

ICAA - Intellectual Capital Association is an international, nonprofit association, created in Santarém - Portugal, in April 2010.

ICAA has in its genesis the need to build a society where intangible assets can be valued and can contribute to sustainability goals.


ICAA mission is to help organizations, cities, regions, countries and society in general to transform intellectual capital into added value by contributing to sustainable development.


To promote and encourage the management of organizations' intellectual capital.

To encourage the formation of business / organizational networks and clusters of integrated regional development.

To establish partnerships with other national and international organizations.

To support and / or promote initiatives in the form of seminars, conferences, workshops or other forms of collective reflection.

To promote applied research on business development.

To promote the worldwide exchange of ideas and experiences in the intellectual capital management field.

To provide the enterprises and organizations human resources with tools to improve productivity and competitiveness.

To promote scientific research at national and international levels.