About ICAA

ICAA - Intellectual Capital Association is an international, nonprofit association, created in Santarém - Portugal, in April 2010.

ICAA has in its genesis the need to build a society where intangible assets can be valued and can contribute to sustainability goals.

ICAA has the following objectives:

  • To promote and encourage the management of organizations' intellectual capital;
  • To encourage the formation of business / organizational networks and clusters of integrated regional development;
  • To establish partnerships with other national and international organizations;
  • To support and / or promote initiatives in the form of seminars, conferences, workshops or other forms of collective reflection;
  • To promote the worldwide exchange of ideas and experiences in the intellectual capital management field;
  • To promote applied research on business development;
  • To promote scientific research at national and international levels;
  • To provide the enterprises and organizations human resources with tools to improve productivity and competitiveness.
ICAA was acknowledged as a beneficiary of the status of scientific patronage. (Ministerial Order nº 4544/2015. Diário da República n.º 87/2015, Series II of 2015-05-06).